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As a good project leader, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that project information is always synchronized, so that all team members can be on the same page at all times. This can be challenging, especially if the team is dispersed. So what can you do to make sure that your entire team has access to the same information at all times? Here are a few tips.

4 Steps to Managing Project Information

Hold team meetings
Once in awhile, especially when there are changes in the projects or procedures, it helps to hold a meeting with your team to keep them in the loop. Let everyone know how the project is going, and if any changes are going to affect their work. Provide as much details as possible and hand out notes and documentation and be sure to email copies to those who are working from other locations.

Don’t forget one-on-one meetings
Follow up with every team member individually and ensure that they are on the right track. They will surely appreciate a quick, informal conversation addressing changes, challenges and risks and know if they are progressing as expected. Be open to questions and offer your advice if you sense that anything is not going as planned.

Make documents easily accessible
Having an information base that is well-organized and allows everyone to easily access information makes things much easier. Establish an online database to ensure that team members can always access the latest project information, regardless from their location. When handing out printed documents, include links to where they can be found online. Ensure that the latest versions of documents can be easily found, and that it is clear which versions are older ones.

Monitor your information management activities
Once you determine how you are going to manage project information within your organization, keep monitoring and evaluating your tactics. Do some research – ask the team members who use the information if your systems are working for the and let them know that if they want anything to be changed you would be open to them. Ensure that everyone is receiving the information they want to receive – perhaps organizing email lists or sub-folders in the database will allow people to receive information relevant to them.

Do you have any advice on managing project information? Share them with us!

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