New methods for managing teams and increasing results

Organizations and team leaders are looking towards social business to provide better methods for managing teams. In a recent blog post my colleague, Kim, highlighted the critical role teamwork plays in product development and the advantages of using social collaboration software to manage team performance. Social collaboration tools can help unite product teams—especially cross functional multi-level teams that operate in matrix organizations.

Managing teams with social software

Social business is an evolving concept still in its infancy and many organizations are still looking for the best available software that will have an impact on the bottom line. By uniting team members, the quality and speed of decisions improve, productivity increases, while costs decrease—and team unity has a positive impact on the bottom-line.

The key questions are:

1. How do social collaboration tools facilitate the managing of teams?
2. How do they improve communication between business partners, customers and employees?

OneDesk is the only social business suite that can address the needs of all teams in the entire organization. Every Fridays, we explore this powerful social product development platform and show you some of the ways you can use it to increase collaboration and unify your product team. Here is a video recap of last week’s session:

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