What does customer experience mean?

According to Richard Owen, Vice-President, of Dell Online worldwide, customer experience is “The sum total of the interactions that a customer has with a company’s products, people, and processes. It goes from the moment when customers see an ad to the moment when they accept delivery of a product — and beyond.” The concept of customer experience only emerged in 1998, and since then, customer experience has been most important aspect in achieving success for many of today’s leading companies.

Go beyond excellent customer service to provide excellent customer experience

Providing excellent customer experience will surely boost customer satisfaction and obviously, sales. When customers purchase a product, they often remember the customer experience they received while buying it. According to Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D in their book Rules to Break and Laws to Follow, you can maximixe customer experience by trying to understand the customer’s point of view.”How does it feel to wait on hold on the phone? To open a package and not be certain how to follow the poorly translated instructions?”

Another way to provide superior customer experience is to personalize each customer’s experience. For example, when a waiter in a restaurant remembers a client’s names, their favorite dish, and even their culinary preferences, this adds value to the customer experience and result in a long-term customer.

The challenge of maximizing customer experience in the online world

In real life, it often takes attentive observation to boost customer experience. If a customer is dissatisfied, companies will notice or hear about it in a short time. However, when managing products through the web, maximizing customer experience is more challenging. In the online world, businesses cannot observe their customers; rather, they must “listen” to their customers and stand out from their competitors by focusing on how they interact with their customers, rather on selling their product.

OneDesk improves customer experience

OneDesk allows companies to interact with their customers through social collaboration tools such as chat, discussion forums, and a customer portal through which customers can submit feedback. With OneDesk, it’s easy to keep each customer updated on their feedback’s status. Start improving customer experience by trying for free.

Provide excellent customer experience with by discussing feedback with customers individually.
Provide excellent customer experience by discussing feedback with customers individually.

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