For teams who are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Project, OneDesk offers a unique solution. OneDesk Project Management was designed to cater the needs of teams who wish to work on MS project files collaboratively.

Simply import your .mpp or .mpt files into OneDesk. Then, you’ll be able to share them with your team and collaborate on them. The interactive environment brings about several key benefits – here’s a quick rundown.

Using OneDesk as a Microsoft Project alternative

Reduce workload
More than one person can work on the project at the same time, allowing it get completed faster.

Avoid confusion about document version
When you are done with the project, simply export it. Since all the information is available online, those who are unsure they have the latest version of the file can log in and refer to it.

Keep track of work performed
User can submit worklogs, so you will always know how much work has been done, by whom.

By linking project tasks to feedback, ideas, requirements or issues, you will be able to see the origins of where the task came from, and know why you are working on it.

Real-time, automatic Gantt chart updates
As tasks or any items they are linked to are updated, so is the Gantt chart. This allows you get an up-to-date visual image of your project plan, which helps identify any critical paths early-on.

Real-time CPM calculations
CPM calculations are also updated based on your input, letting you track project progress as you make changes.

Controlled task scheduling
The assignments Gantt displays workload by assigned resource and lets you easily assign and reassign tasks to resources. Leveling is intuitive and under control.

Permission levels
Allow team members to make updates or only view project tasks with OneDesk’s privacy settings.

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