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Why your organization needs mobile project management

Here are 3 ways that mobile integrations can directly enhance the project management experience:

1. Promotes the sharing of critical project-related information: Many mobile project management features are designed to enable project teams to be instantly notified of any changes made to the status of a project, as well as track changes of online documents in tasks and projects. In addition, project managers can keep track of change made to an item, when and by whom. Finally, the ability to set reminders is definitely useful. As we all know, project managers can be like alarm clocks, always chasing after team members to remind them of upcoming deadlines and outstanding tasks.

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2. Improved communication between internal and external team members: It is becoming more and more common for teams to work remotely across geographic locations. Naturally, the physical distance that this creates makes it more difficult to communicate and work closely together. Mobile features such as discussions, video conferencing and chat applications, have enabled not only business partners and employees to stay connected, but also enabled the customer to connect and “get in on the conversation” as well.

3. Real-time access to project data, anytime, anywhere: It’s 3 a.m. and your project team is sound asleep, and you need to double-check some numbers for the big roadmapping meeting tomorrow. Sound familiar? Well, needless to say that technology has given us the ability to get access to information whenever we want it. It’s a beautiful thing- and personally something that Kim and I could not live without!

Is your organization currently leveraging mobile technology to improve project management activities? If so, what are some of the major advantages and or disadvantages associated with their use? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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