Work Timer App

Work Timer App for Chrome on mac/windows

Work Timer App

The work timer app on OneDesk allows you to run a timer to track the exact amount of time spent working on a specific task. You can run it directly from the related task and once completed, it will log a timesheet directly on that task. Having a work timer app makes collecting precise time spent easier and you can provide evidence to your customers about how much time was spent working on a task. Additionally, you can see the ongoing timers for your team so that you always know when someone is working on something; you do not need to wait for the timesheet to be submitted to ensure that your team is on the right track.

Work Timer App for Chrome on Mac/Windows

OneDesk Chrome Extension

OneDesk provides you with cloud-based software that you can access through the chrome browser, and it is compatible with either mac or windows. In the OneDesk application, you will find a work timer app that you can use to log time, and this app makes it easier to capture time. There is no longer a need to record when you initially began working on a task as the timer app will record this for you. You can pause and resume the work timer app if you need to take a break or leave your desk. The timer app automatically logs the time spent working on the item, and timesheets get filled out automatically. You have the ability to review the timesheet before submitting it in case you need to make any additional modifications to the work, such as adding a note or defining the completion status on the task you were working on. The timer app makes it easier for your team to adapt and keep track of the time they spend working on items – and having a cloud-based software makes it that much easier.

OneDesk Mobile App for Timesheets

OneDesk Mobile App (Android/IOS)

If your task requires you to work remotely, or constantly move around, then you can use the work timer app available on ios and android. This means that you can initiate a timer on your mobile device to log time and have a timer running while you perform your task. This limits you from having to keep track of when you started, or how much time has passed as you can easily check the timer app on the OneDesk mobile application. Additionally, the work timer app on the mobile application is synchronized to the web application that you can access on mac or windows, meaning if you have an ongoing timer, you can stop it on the web application as well.

Task Timer App

Task Timer App

The task timer app allows you to keep track of the time spent working on a task so you can accurately report the hours worked to your customer. Having a task timer app that is synchronized to both the web application and mobile application provides you with the ability to work either remotely or from your desk. You no longer need to keep track of the time you started as it will have been logged for you, and you can submit the timesheet immediately after stopping your timer.


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