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Customer Support meets Project Management

Introducing OneDesk

OneDesk combines helpdesk and project management cloud-based software.
This allows you to serve your customers while also managing your team and projects on a single platform.


Limited file storage

Unlimited file storage

Limits automation & integrations

No limit on automation & integrations

Charges for extra features

All features included in every plan

Strictly project management

HelpDesk + Project Management


OneDesk Doesn’t Limit Storage offers some storage with limitations. Even their highest-level plan limits the amount of storage your team can use. OneDesk doesn’t put a cap on the storage you and your team use. No matter what plan you select, you get unlimited amounts of storage.


OneDesk Has Unlimited Automations & Integrations offers automation and integration capabilities, but limits how many automation and integration actions you can take up to a cap of 250,000 actions per month for the highest-level plan. OneDesk doesn’t put a limit on how many actions you can take for either automation or integrations. No matter what plan you select, you get unlimited automation and integration actions.


OneDesk Includes All Features in Every Plan doesn’t offer all its features in every plan and instead charges you extra for certain features and even storage and action limits. OneDesk’s plans include all features and there are no extra or hidden charges. Our plans are only based on the users and include unlimited projects and customers as well as unlimited automation and integration actions.


OneDesk is HelpDesk and Project Management is geared towards getting your project and team management in order, but has no helpdesk capabilities such as ticketing and live chat. OneDesk is more than just a project management tool and includes powerful helpdesk capabilities. This means you pay a fraction of the price for double the functionality!

Detailed Comparison
Price (users)$9per agent per month paid annually$14-$??? per user/month
Number of Tasks, Projects, CustomersUnlimited1000-unlimited
File StorageUnlimited5 GB-1000 GB
Activity LogUnlimited1 week-5 years
Kanban ViewFeature includedFeature included
Mobile AppFeature includedFeature included
Gantt ChartsFeature includedOnly at $17+ plans
Embedded FormsFeature includedFeature included
Timeline ViewFeature includedOnly at $17+ plans
Live chatFeature includedFeature not included
Email ticketingFeature includedFeature not included
Calendar ViewFeature includedOnly at $17+ plans
ReportsFeature includedOnly included in Enterprise-level plan
Time TrackingFeature includedOnly at $27+ plans
Chart ViewFeature includedOnly at $27+ plans
Formula ColumnFeature not includedOnly at $27+ plans
Custom TagsFeature includedOnly at $27+ plans
Private BoardsFeature includedOnly at $27+ plans
IntegrationsFeature included Unlimited actionsOnly 250-250,000 actions per month starting at $17+ plans
AutomationsFeature included Unlimited actionsOnly 250-250,000 actions per month starting at $17+ plans
Two-factor authenticationFeature not includedFeature included
Google authenticationFeature includedOnly at $27+ plans
Single Sign On (SSO)Feature includedOnly included in Enterprise-level plan
99.9% uptime SLAFeature includedOnly included in Enterprise-level plan
Knowledge baseFeature includedFeature included
Transform tickets to tasksFeature includedFeature not included
Customer PortalFeature includedFeature not included
Task TimersFeature includedFeature not included
TimesheetsFeature includedFeature not included
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HelpDesk Solutions

OneDesk lets you easily support your customers & end-users.

Plan Projects &
Schedule Tasks
Team Members
Monitor Project
Progression & Reports


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Why OneDesk?

Full Access for Every Plan

With OneDesk you pay a flat fee for ALL our features, no matter what plan you select or how many users you have.

Project Management & HelpDesk

OneDesk combines Help Desk and Project Management into one efficient and highly-customizable application. No more buying, learning, integrating, and switching between applications.

OneDesk Interface

Powerful Customizability & Automations

OneDesk provides you with innovative tools and customizability options without making you pay enterprise-level costs.

Integrations Made Easy

OneDesk integrates with the web applications you need most. Getting connected is easy and we’ll help guide you to make the most of the OneApp integration capability.


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