OneDesk currently supports up to 11 languages (Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Netherlands, Norsk Bokmål, Português, русский, Svenska) with the ability to select the preferred language separately at either the company, user, or customer level.

When choosing a new language, the change occurs to the OneDesk interface but not to the customizable, user created inputs. Any editable entries (e.g., names of tasks, names of filters) will remain in the language in which they were entered and can be edited manually.

Note: Translations are created through machine translation. Occasionally incorrect word substitutions may occur. We encourage feedback from our customers on any errors.

Change company base language

You can change the interface language for all users.

To change the base language: Administration -> Company Preferences -> Localization

Change individual user language

Individual users are able to select a preferred language. The user language preference will override the base company language for that individual.

To set user language: User Profile -> Change Language

Change customer app language

Customers are able to change the language which appears in the customer portal by clicking on their profile. A customer’s language preferences will be retained for them at login and overrides the base language

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