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A couple of weeks ago, while gearing up for the release of OneDesk, our team embarked on a full Q.A session and thoroughly tested the software to ensure that everything worked flawlessly. We hooked up a test Twitter account to OneDesk and sent out a test tweet about a product. Shortly after, we received a mention through the test Twitter account that we had just created – from the company that makes the product that we mentioned. How did that happen? Simple – the company was using a social media monitoring tool that enabled them to listen to the social web and find out who is talking about them.

Social media monitoring tools allows one to search for terms, products or companies mentioned on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

From a product or service development perspective, social media monitoring can be advantageous. The key to developing stellar products and services is to understand what customers want. This can be a challenge as companies no longer own the conversation about their brands. With social media dominating the world wide web, customers are Tweeting, Facebooking and blogging and sharing their opinions about brands with each other. Businesses are increasingly turning to social media to track their visitors, reach targeted customers, and sell and market their product to the masses with the click of a button.

OneDesk's social media monitoring tool

One of our newest features is a social media monitoring tool built right into the application. With this, companies can search the social web and find out what customers are saying about their products, services, competitors and industry. They can join the conversation by replying to social media posts directly from OneDesk. More importantly, they can discover sales leads, ideas and feedback and bring them into OneDeskwith just one click. From there, they can take action and work at implementing the feedback.

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