Analytics Application (beta)

The June 2021 Release of OneDesk introduces a new App (in Beta) to centralize statistics about your tickets, tasks, and projects. We call this new app ‘Analytics’.

Located under the ‘More Applications’ icon in the lower-left corner, the Analytics app brings together Reports and Activities, and introduces a new section called ‘Charts’.

Analytics Chart

Here are some highlights of the new Charts app.

  • 7 Pages of charts covering Tickets, Tasks, and other items
  • 56 different charts and subcharts
  • Powerful filtering by attribute and date range to give you the view of the data you need
  • More charts and improvements coming, so please let us know what you want to see

New Pricing Model

With this release, we are rolling out a new pricing model. Now you no longer need to select a plan with a defined number of users, but can instead get the exact number of user-licenses you require. Discounts are still available when you pay annually in advance, but quantity discounts have moved to a flat per-user pricing model. Existing customers have their current plans grandfathered-in, so your price will not change unless you move off your current plan. If you have any concerns please reach out to us. We will make sure you are treated fairly.

Other Features and enhancements

  • New Joomla plugin lets you easily add OneDesk to your Joomla website
  • A new Close button on the chat widget
  • The ability to add an avatar image to replace the Team initial
  • Customer Organizations and Teams can now be found using global search, you can also search projects by ID
  • Hitting ‘enter’ key will send the message in the customer-facing chat widget
  • plus over 120 bug fixes and improvements.

One Comment

  1. Ada

    Thank you very much for your updates. Now my company is thinking about migrating to yarn after reading the review and after that we will start to improve our analytics and CRM system

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