At OneDesk we’ve been working on some big exciting new features, but at the same time we have been making updates to OneDesk with a few smaller, but very useful features. Here is a quick update on the latest improvements you may have missed.

Improvements to custom field functionality:

  • Group items by custom fields: Now you can group items based on custom fields in the tree view. To do this, create a new view, select the “Tree” layout, and add a property to group by. That property can now be a custom property.
  • Group timesheets by custom field: Custom fields in timesheets (Released in June) was a popular requested feature. Now you can group on custom fields on timesheets as well as filter and sort.
  • NEW: Custom fields on Customer organizations: As some of you know we have been upgrading customer organizations in a lot of different ways. The latest batch of improvements to customer organizations includes adding custom fields to them. Now you can add your own custom properties to customer organizations as well as filter, sort, and group by them.
  • Ability to filter customers by custom fields: We added filtering on custom fields to Customers as well.
  • Custom fields in Reports (beta): Now you can add custom fields in the report templates you create. We continue to focus on improving our reports engine, so let us know if you have specific requests.

Other improvements

  • New Edge locations for Europe and Australia – This will improve access times for our customers in Europe and Asia. More edge locations coming soon.
  • API – Creating items now allows adding requester by email address. If this customer or user (based on email) does not already exist, a customer will be created.
  • Email – Improved reply capturing to remove non-reply content for some clients. Since email clients are very inconsistent on how they implment standards, this is an ongoing task.
  • Agile Points – Agile points now support bulk update, macros, workflow automation actions, columns in the ‘Projects’ application.

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