The latest updates to OneDesk introduced the following new features and enhancements.

New Report Wizard (beta):

We have released an update to the report creation interface. Now the user is presented with a wizard-like interface that walks the user through the choices necessary to generate the report they want. This a big step forward for non-technical users to be able to generate and schedule the reports they need.

There are additional enhancements to come here. In upcoming releases we also plan on pre-creating report templates for many different situations. Please let us know in chat or comments what pre-built reports you would like to see included.

Custom Fields on Timesheets

  • Now users can create custom fields on Timesheets.
  • Custom fields can be modified from the timesheets detail panel.
  • Custom fields can be displayed in as columns in the timesheets views, and can be sorted.
  • You can filter timesheets by their custom fields.
  • Coming soon: Customize the timesheet form to add custom fields.

Enhancements to the Gantt chart

  • The actions menu is now available in the gantt chart, allowing you to indent, outdent, insert and delete directly from the gantt chart.
  • Multi-selection is enabled on the gantt, allowing you to take action on multiple items at once.
  • A lock icon is added to the gantt showing when a task is date-constrained. Removing this locks removes the constraint (sets it to ASAP)

New Integrations:

  • VSO Integration
  • Improvements to Github

Other Improvements:

  • Performance: Optimizations on batch sizes of requests to improve client-server communications
  • Performance: Improvements to in-menu search
  • Grouping items by Agile ponts
  • Filtering items by Agile Points
  • Ability to add timesheets to items outside of projects
  • Ability to run timers on items outside of projects.
  • Search returns all results as if there were a widcards after the string
  • Permit editing customer details by non-admins
  • Improvements to email parsing for certain email clients to capture only the new reply and not the entire email.
  • Improved ID menu

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