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Every new product development process should be easy

OneDesk allows companies to capture ideas, objectively analyze them, and turn the ideas into actionable items. What makes the software unique, is that all the applications, including social media and collaboration tools, are all interconnected. This strengthens the new product development process as it allows employees, customers, and partners to work together and develop innovative products.

Using OneDesk for your new product development process

Let’s walk-through how an organization would use OneDesk from the product conception to completion stages.

1. Capture ideas and feedback
Activate OneDesk’s customer portal, through which customers can submit ideas, issues, feedback and questions. You can also allow customers to vote on feedback, and create polls for them to vote on.

Use the social media monitoring tool to listen to what is being said about your brand, product, service, industry and competitors on the social web. Tag them as ideas or feedback, and bring them into OneDesk.

You can also ask employees and business partners to manually enter ideas and feedback in the feedback view. Bring the feedback in to a sharespace, and get ready to incorporate them into the new product development process.

2. Turn feedback and ideas into requirements
Quickly transform from the information-gathering stage to the execution stage. Create requirements from one or more feedback, or simply link feedback to requirements you create from scratch.

Then, analyze your requirements based on what is important to your organization. Choose to make decisions based on the most profitable ideas, the most popular ones, the ones that will satisfy more customers, or based on your business goals. This gives you the decision support you need to make difficult trade-offs.

3. Turn requirements into tasks
Generate project tasks from requirements and assign them to be worked on. Use the assignment scheduler to facilitate this.

4. Manage projects
With OneDesk’s project management tools, all team members can collaborate and contribute to the project planning process. Plan out your projects using the project planning tool. These tools allow you to gain a clear visual of your projects, and plan out their durations and costs. Then, stay on top of them using the Project Actuals view. Project tracking allows you to track your projects’ schedule or budget and compare the actual progess to the planned ones.

Complete with social collaboration tools such as discussions, chat and real-time collaborative editing, a product roapmapping application and a powerful automation engine, OneDesk eases the new product development process and helps companies act on ideas and develop innovative products.

new product development process
Implement an effective new product development process with OneDesk. Above: Real-time editing indicators in the project planning view.

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