Innovating with new product ideas

It is no secret that many organizations find it challenging to remain dominant in today’s constantly shifting marketplace. Innovation is the key to managing these new product ideaschallenges and to survival. This starts with the ability to successfully harness new product ideas.

New product ideas benefit your business

There are many advantages to capturing new product ideas from your customers. When you establish an effective process to listen to and collaborate with customers, you can better respond to marketplace changes and demands. Customers can:
• Help generate ideas early in the product development process, and prevent costly product reiterations
• Participate in the continuous “fine-tuning” of products during the design, implementation and launch phases, which reduces costs and time-to-market
• Become your greatest source of marketing because they are co-creators who collaborated to create your new products

Managing the new product idea generation process

OneDesk software is extremely powerful and helps you involve the customer at every step of the new product development process. The software enables your team to communicate and collaborate with your customers by capturing, managing and integrating their feedback seamlessly into the product development process. Three core applications, Customer Feedback Management, Requirements Management and Task Management, make the best tool for generating new product ideas and making an impact in the marketplace. Listening and collaborating are two key areas that can help you use new product ideas to fuel business growth.

Take OneDesk for a test-drive and experience it for yourself. Get a free account now and rev up your product development process today.

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