3 must reads for new product managers

Three great articles to consult before going for that big job interview in the clustered world of product management.

1) Moving into a Product Role by Janna Bastow


A clear overview of how to transport your existing skill-set into a new product manager role. Common expectations from a recruiting point of view are explained before analysing the skills you’ll need to demonstrate to convince the interviewer you’re the person for the job. Go get em!

new product managers

2) World’s Most Generic Product Management Interview by The CrankyPM


Avoid common mistakes and the pitfalls of banality during your interview by not doing anything you see in these short videos. All six parts are well worthy of a watch if you’re prepping for your first interview – if you’re a seasoned pro of the interview carousel, their accuracy may perhaps be a tad more depressingly familiar. Check out the video:

3) Placing User Experience at the heart of your Product by Mary Ellen Muckerman


Learning is never finished, and knowledge very rarely stays permanent. This recent article is a good refresher for all product managers as a reminder of the central importance of user experience to the often myriad process of development!

Got any other helpful resources for new product managers? Please share them with us below!

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