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Onboarding SaaS customers and users: Important!

For many SaaS vendors and software companies, onboarding customers can be challenging. The process of onboarding is most often underestimated; many SaaS vendors and software companies don’t realize how crucial it is to make sure customers and users get started on the right foot and find value in their software within the first few days of using it. It’s a win-win situation – for SaaS vendors or software companies, a good onboarding process can be just what they need to convert customers from using a free version of their offering to a paid one. For employers, the time spent getting internal users on board can be greatly reduced.

OneDesk improves onboarding process

At OneDesk, we recognize the importance of a flawless onboarding process. Therefore, we have recently made some improvements to ensure that new OneDesk users are in position to quickly get comfortable with the software.

Simplified sign-up process

We’ve made it easier for users to sign up for a free trial. They simply need to go to your website, enter their email address in the sign-up form, and click free trial.

Informative welcome email

As soon as they register, users receive an email containing their log-in information, as well as tips and links they can use to get started.

Clear tool tips

We have added new tool tips that explain what some of the most important aspects of OneDesk are about. They are clearly written so that the user understands them the first time they read them.

A helpful Getting Started page within the application

To ensure that users understand how OneDesk work, we provide a Getting Started page within the application that is designed to help them quickly get the grips on it.

Our roles or “On-Ramp” page allows users to visually break the application down into the aspects they need, and quickly navigate to specific applications.

Users can also view video tutorials and get a glimpse of OneDesk in action.

Finally, under extras, we outline the steps users need to take in order to get their account up and running, and enable users to quickly navigate to the part of the application required for each step.

Webinars and personalized onboarding sessions offered

Every Thursday, we hold an insightful webinar that is designed to help users get an overview of the application, and to help them understand its benefits.

We can also arrange personalized onboarding sessions for those who would like to understand how OneDesk would benefit their particular environments or situations. Simply book one at your convenience.

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