Organize your Tasks

Managing your tasks in OneDesk has never been simpler. You can create, assign or work on tasks for your projects all from one application.

The tasks list application allows you to create tasks with dependent sub tasks as well as the ability to apply custom filters for searching and managing your tasks and issues. You can use the scope selector on the top of the page to view all tasks and issues that have been created, or only those related to a specific project.

OneDesk Task List

You can save filters and have them appear on your taskbar as shown in the screenshot above for easy access.

Start creating tasks now with OneDesk’s Task Creation Guide

Ready to get started? Watch the video below to learn how to create tasks and get started with OneDesk.

Have a question about how OneDesk’s task system works? Ask away! Leave a comment below, or email us at hello(at)onedesk(dot)com.

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