OneDesk January 2017 Release

The OneDesk January 2017 Release

This is a short post on the new feature and bug fixes of the OneDesk January 2017 Release. We will focus on a few features, for a full list of fixes and feature changes you can head to our Customer Portal.

1. Introducing your very own Bot

We have given life to a little helper for your day to day workflows: OD, the OneDesk Bot. The OneDesk bot was designed to handle all workflow automations, although hes not quite there yet. As of now, he can automatically post on discussion threads, weather an item as just been created or if you wish to notify followers of modifications to a specific item. This means that, for example, when you create an item, the OneDesk Bot will automatically respond and let those assigned know that the item is being looked at.

Of course like I mentioned he will eventually take over all automations so you can plan on seeing added functionality in further updates and releases.

2. More data, less hassle

This update also sees quite a few usability changes made to the data you have. Based in the same format as the Dashboard’s information charts, these added features are made available to you in a quick and easy manner.

Dynamic totals calculated in the grid: 

Filtering is a core feature in OneDesk: filtering by item type, by application, by container, and by custom criteria. Now when you look at a filtered grid (most of the time!), you will see totals automatically calculated for you for all relevant columns.

New chart widgets:

The small-charts that you see above the grid have been redesigned to also be dynamically calculated as you filter. They have been updated to provide you with quick access to the KPIs you need most.

More View Options for more Applications:

Gantt charts and calendar views were previously limited to the project management app (PMO items). Now they are available for helpdesk and product items too, where they show the actual work performed.

3. Other Enhancements

– Attachments on the Customer portal  can be previewed in the browser.
– New APIs. See
– Priority can be dragged back to zero.
– Insert dynamic properties into comments.
– Simplified container detail panel.

Over 200 bug fixes and other enhancements.

Photo Credit: “January Calendar” / Hot Glue Media / CC BY

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