OneDesk featured on Software for Enterprise

CaptureWe are very happy to announce that we have been featured on Intense School. In his article, Top Software a PMP Manager Needs to Know for Success, Ian Palmer, explores and highlights some of the top software for PMP managers.

I had a great chat about OneDesk with Ian a few weeks back. Here’s an excerpt of our interview:

“Some of the best PMs in the market place today, they’re going to take on a number of different roles—sometimes as engineering, accounting, communications, or HR,” said Catherine Constantinides, online marketing specialist at OneDesk. “With that being said, what OneDesk does provide is a web-based unified environment specifically designed for team collaboration and project management. It’s really with the idea in mind that project managers essentially need a whole [lot] of different tools to get the job done.”

While definitely something PMP managers should consider, Constantinides advised that it’s important to understand that OneDesk is not merely a project management application.
“It’s actually a unified environment for the entire product development process,” she stressed. “What OneDesk really enables you to do at the end of the day is…link your tasks and issues to feedback and requirements management as well. And that’s really what sets it apart from other project management tools out there on the marketplace today.”

We are thrilled to be recognized as a top tool for project management. A big thanks to Ian Palmer for the shout out!

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