OneDesk November 2016 Release 2016

The OneDesk November 2016 release

Here’s a rundown of some of the key changes from the November 2016 release for the OneDesk suite of applications (web application, mobile application, customer portal).

The requesters, followers and voters have been overhauled.

They now exist as one overarching category called followers. The role of requester can now be shared by multiple requesters, albeit all still referred to as followers. Same goes for voters; instead of a vote count there is now the follower count. Previous voters are now listed as followers and will receive notifications about the items and projects they follow.

Any customer or user added to a container will figure in this follower list, but will have different privileges based on your sharing policies and what you let them see and do.

You can now add teams and customer organizations as followers on items. Those teams and followers will then have the option to go on the customer portal and view all the items they are following (this option can of course be changed based on your company policies).

You can now also make announcements to all your customers by adding all of them at once to an item.

this lets you add entire roster of customers or users or even the entirety of your address book if needs be. It should offer a more streamlined and simple approach to mass sharing and changes.

Conversations have been redesigned.

You now have the ability to change between private and public posts when posting on item threads and discussions. The public post is, as before, available to followers of the item in question, and to general customers if published. The new ability to post internal discussions means that only internal company users will be able to see them!

This allows you to continue working on items and discuss things as a team without automatically having to involve the customer with every change or discussion. This public vs private option can be set to default to public or private based on your organization’s needs.

These changes are meant to simplify the conversations and support options in OneDesk. The items that you had already published will not be changed by this.

This might impact you if you use the customer portal and if you have given more privileges to your customers than simply seeing their own items. But overall the changes should impact workflow very little once you verify your options are in order!

Mobile Application Item Submission & more

We’ve also added the ability to submit or create items from the mobile application. This means that users will now be able to use the mobile application for most regular tasks and will help workers with their schedules. This feature will become available when the android and apple application stores see the new version of the application roll out soon.

Other features in the November 2016 release include a speed boost to the container list view, more grouping options for container cards, new API support for custom fields and containers, and over 200 bug fixes and general enhancements to the software!

For the full listing on the November 2016 release, and more details on the individual features, check out this link here.

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