OneDesk is generally a self-service product. This means that you can sign up for a trial account, play around with the software, ask a few questions and be up and running. We have worked hard to make this possible by providing video guides, an on-boarding wizard, built-in chat with our support team, and a dozen other things.

That said, while we believe anybody could learn to use OneDesk, there are cases where our customers are too busy with their other work to find the time. It can also occur that they require a more complex setup and need help in adapting OneDesk to meet their needs. To address this we have a team of customer success agents that are constantly answering questions and providing advice by email, chat, and live demos.

When a company’s needs go beyond this level of support they may find that they do not know how to take the next steps with OneDesk. Today we address this concern by introducing a menu of services that are available to our customers that want them. Since we also believe in simple, transparent, and fair pricing, our prices are posted too.

It is important to note that in general these services are things that you could perform yourself and are entirely optional. When our team helps you out, we do so primarily using the same tools that are available to you directly within OneDesk. We continue with our original philosophy of self-service, delivering the same configuration options to all our customers.

So what kinds of services are on the menu? They basically fall into 2 categories:

One-on-one online sessions where we share our expertise with you covering any aspect of OneDesk.

Broken down into 1-hour sessions, you can schedule some time with one of our experts. During the session, you can share your screen with us and make the changes you need while asking questions along the way. We share our expertise, offer advice, and together make the account changes you request. The sessions cover:

  • Introduction to the Basic Configuration of Administrative options
  • Introduction to Data Structure
  • Introduction to Customer Apps (messenger, portal, forms)
  • General Training in using OneDesk

Setup services where we configure your account for you – based on requirements you send us.

With this service, we do it for you. You will provide temporary admin access to your account and instructions on what you require. One of our experts will communicate with you to gather the details and then log into your account to make the changes. These setup services cover:

  • Data Structure and Automation Workflow Setup (projects, portfolios, folders, types, custom fields, forms, statuses, SLAs)
  • Importing existing data
  • Importing users and customers
  • Customer Apps Setup
  • Custom Reports
  • Integrations
  • SSO Setup

These services are offered on an à-la-carte basis, but if you want the table d’hôte, we offer packages too 🙂 You can save money by purchasing a bundle of services. If these services interest you, please check out our menu of services, and do not hesitate to ask for more detail or to request us to send you a quote.

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