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With the advent and increasing popularity of social networking, help for customers is no longer just a phone call or email away. Organizations are quickly realizing that customers can also get help through Tweets and Facebook posts.

The process of providing help has evolved to include customers in product development. Indeed, the social web has dramatically changed the way products are developed and improved. Increasingly, customers are leveraging social networks like Facebook, and Twitter to communicate issues, problems and questions related to products and services. With this new reality, organizations are tuning in to these social conversations and getting valuable information to resolve customer support inquiries, quickly.

New additions: Help desk and case management tools

case management OneDesk is raising the bar and setting new standards for customer support management. OneDesk has in one application everything you need to supercharge your customer service and support management process. Innovative help desk applications allow your customers to easily reach out to key resources in your organization. Customers can share their inquiries or requests using popular social channels like email, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and discussion forums.

Using the powerful OneDesk case management tools you can:

  • Forward on customer support requests received via email directly to OneDesk
  • Classify incoming customer inquiries from various channels, create tickets, and automatically assign them to your team members to take action
  • Link a customer support item to your requirements and take action
  • Keep customers involved and in the loop at all times by notifying them of the status of their requests
  • Promote collaboration between customers by publishing requests and inquiries to your community forum

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