OneDesk’s Social Business Applications Help Enhance Customer Engagement and Drive Product and Service Innovation


MONTREAL-July 13, 2011 -OneDesk helps businesses become more social by connecting customers, partners, and employees to the product and service development process. OneDesk is leading the market in providing solutions that help companies realize the benefits of social product development, co-creation, and customer-driven innovation. This blended suite of SaaS applications includes: social media monitoring & engagement, customer feedback management, innovation & ideas management, customer service and help desk, requirements management, project management, release management, and product roadmapping.

Engage with your customers and take action. Right now, customers are online discussing your products and services. OneDesk helps you leverage social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, discussions, etc.) and other web media (email, portals, etc.) to discover what is being said about your brands, industry and competitors.

OneDesk’s feedback and ideas management tools lets you easily capture customer suggestions, keep on top of conversations, reply to them, and feed customer input directly into the development process. With OneDesk, no feedback is misplaced or lost; instead it is properly categorized, responded-to, and acted upon.

Reduce customer service costs. Building strong customer relationships involves quickly resolving customer issues. OneDesk’s integrated help desk solution allows you to automate your customer service, tap into the knowledge base from employees, partners & customers, while creating and managing a community of loyal contributors.

Simplify the requirements and project management processes. OneDesk lets you easily manage and prioritize product and service requirements. Comprehensive project management and collaboration applications addresses the needs of Project Managers and their teams.

Structure the conversation and get the job done. It is important to structure the conversation between employees partners and customers to deliver business value. OneDesk’s social collaboration tools are directly connected to business goals.

About OneDesk

OneDesk Inc develops enterprise-level social business applications that take the guesswork out of the product and service development process and help align the product or service featureset with customer requirements. OneDesk includes social media monitoring, customer feedback & idea management, customer service, help desk, case management, requirements management, project management, release management and product roadmapping. Sign up free:


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