We are thrilled to announce that OneDesk has been featured on RatedCloud.com: Objective and comprehensive reviews of SaaS and cloud apps.

Here is what Rob S. had to say about OneDesk: “OneDesk should be considered when centralizing and simplifying product development and management are toppriorities…Tackling product management in any medium is accompanied by certain challenges, and in the cloud, difficulties often revolve around effective organization and fluid interaction between participants. One SaaS team, OneDesk, has created a service that addresses these issues in product management while also incorporating a host of other functions, from support management to human resources functions and beyond.”

In regards to OneDesk’s main interface: “Without a well-made, attractive interface, such a large suite would be a serious pain to use, but thankfully, OneDesk has put plenty of work into making its various screens and special modules appealing and easy to navigate.
Highly graphical without being devoid of useful information, OneDesk makes switching between different tasks and features simple, even with the multitude of functions available.”

Click here to see the complete review and share your thoughts with our readers.

Many thanks to Rob S (@ratedcloud) for this great review.

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