We are working on major new features for OneDesk, but in the meantime, we have been releasing a series of minor updates. The main goals of these updates are to add minor usability improvements, small features, and of course fix bugs. Since it is a new year, I thought we should do a wrap-up post that summarizes these changes to perhaps make you aware of some newer small features. Therefore this post will be a laundry-list of sorts. So without further ado:

  • The standard views are now displayed as a list. The views that were previously displayed in a horizontal bar are now displayed as a vertical list.
  • New search fields in the users, customers, and projects drop-downs. Since many of our customers have long lists of users, customers and projects, we have added a search field at the top of these drop-downs to help find what they are looking for.
  • Undo item delete. Now once you delete and item you have a period of time to restore that item before it is permanently deleted.
  • Link on item ID. If you wish to provide a colleague with a direct link to an item, you can now easily get that link by hovering the item ID in the details panel and clicking “copy item link”
  • Customer Deletion. Before you could only deactivate customers, but now you can fully delete them.
  • Assign a team using workflow automations. If you would like all incoming tickets to be automatically assigned to a team, now you can! You can also unassign teams using automations.
  • Extended the APIs for workItems, Timesheets and Custom Fields. See https://www.onedesk.com/dev for more details
  • Editing the unsaved view. If you are unsatisfied with an unsaved view, you can click the edit icon and make further changes before saving it.
  • Insert image in the item details. The rich text editor has a new icon in the toolbar which you can use to insert images.
  • Adding billable-type property to timesheets. You can now mark a timesheet as billable or non-billable. Change the default setting for this in Administration.
  • Display timesheet notes on timesheet details. Now notes that you enter when creating a timesheet are visible on its detail panel and can be added as a column to the view.
  • Exporting of notes from the timesheets grid. When you click “export this view” in the timesheets application it will export all visible columns, including the notes column.
  • Adding the requester property on the timesheets. Now you can filter and group timesheets by the requester.
  • Improvements to the styling of the email templates. We went with a more modern cleaner look. We hope you like it.
  • Easy navigation to linked items. In the linked items popup you can now click the name of the item to navigate to it.
  • Ability to remove the OneDesk branding on emails, customer portal, and forms.
  • Many improvements on the reports application. There are too many to list.
  • Over 400 Bug fixes!
  • Happy New Year, and a big thank-you to all of our customers!

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