There are two versions of OneDesk: The free trial version, and the Pro version. The free trial includes all features the Pro version does. The only difference between the two is that the number of projects that can be created and the number of users you can invite are limited.

What is a user?

A user is anyone who has a OneDesk account. Users have access to all of OneDesk’s applications and can create projects and view project data. Account administrators can choose roles for each user, and choose which data users have access to.

The free account allows for 3 users per organization. What does that mean?
When you sign up for a free trial, you can invite two additional users to your organization’s account. This means that you and the two other individuals can have access to the same projects / data and can collaborate on them. As mentioned earlier, each role can be configured and each person will only see information you want them to.

What if I need more than 3 users?
You would need to upgrade to a Pro account, which costs $30 per user per month.

What is a customer?
OneDesk comes with a customer portal that can be accessed through a unique link, or embedded in a website. Customers can use the customer portal to submit ideas, feedback, issues and questions to an organization’s OneDesk account. Anybody who uses the customer portal is considered a customer. This can even include colleagues and business partners.

How many customers are allowed?
There is no limit! Your organization can ask as many customers as they want to submit feedback and ideas through the customer portal.

What do customers see?
Customers do not have access to the projects and data that is in your OneDesk account. They will only see the items on the customer portal. You can choose to allow customers to view all feedback submitted, only their feedback, only feedback submitted by customers from the same organization as them, or nothing at all.

What if I want customers to view projects and data?
Anyone who needs to access projects and data is considered a user. If you want a customer to view data you can:
1. Use your free user invitation
2. Upgrade to Pro and invite them as a user
3. Invite them to create their own free account, then share your project with them.

I have a business partner who will be working with us on a one-time project. Do I need to pay for their account?
The best thing to do would be to invite them to create a free account, and share the project with them.

My CEO or executive does not participate in project planning, but they need to check in the project from time to time. Do I need to pay for their account?
If they do not need to create any projects, you can simply invite them to create a free account, and share your projects with them.

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