Freshdesk is a robust Help Desk software that offers five different package levels. Depending on which package you select, it will unlock additional features. Freshdesk offers an elementary (free) intro package, up to their ‘Forest’ plan at $125 per user per month.

OneDesk offers many of the features as Freshdesk for a fraction of the cost at only $7.8 per user/month to $11 per user/month. In addition to Help Desk, OneDesk offers Project Management as well (included in all of the packages). Unlimited portfolios, the ability to turn tickets into tasks, and interactive Gantt charts are a few of these features.

Review the features list below and decide which service is best for your needs.

Price (users)$6.50-$11 per user/month$15-$99 per user/month (plus addons)
Email TicketingFeature includedFeature included
Ticket DispatchFeature includedFeature included
Team CollaborationFeature includedFeature included
Knowledge BaseFeature includedFeature included
Ticket Trend ReportFeature not includedFeature included
Social TicketingFeature not includedFeature included
SLA ManagementFeature includedFeature included
SLA breach notificationFeature includedOnly on $69+/user/month plans
Transform Tickets to TasksFeature includedFeature not included
Gantt Project ChartsFeature includedFeature not included
Mobile AppFeature includedFeature included
Live Customer ChatFeature includedOnly on $69/user/month plans for an EXTRA $30 per user/plan
AutomationsFeature includedFeature included
Round robin ticket assignmentFeature includedOnly on $69+/user/month plans
Collision DetectionFeature not includedFeature included
Marketplace AppsFeature includedFeature included
Help Desk In-Depth ReportsFeature includedFeature included
Multiple SLA policiesFeature includedOnly on $69+/user/month plans
Time TrackingFeature includedOnly on $45+/user/month plans
Ticket Satisfaction SurveysFeature not includedOnly on $45+/user/month plans
Schedule ReportsFeature includedOnly on $45+/user/month plans
Custom ReportsFeature includedOnly on 695+/user/month plans
Complete Portal CustomizationFeature includedOnly on $69+/user/month plans
SandboxFeature includedOnly on $125+/user/month plans
Unlimited ProjectsFeature includedFeature not included
Calendar ViewFeature includedFeature not included
PortfoliosFeature includedFeature not included
TimesheetsFeature includedFeature not included
Admin ConsoleFeature includedFeature not included
A comparison between Freshdesk and OneDesk