HappyFox is a comprehensive Help Desk software. Its features are vast and there are four plans to select from. OneDesk matches numerous features as HappyFox, with the addition of Project Management.

You’re able to take things one step further by turning tickets into tasks without having to manually create them in a different program. Furthermore, you can create numerous automations, track your projects with interactive Gantt charts, and create unlimited portfolios. Review all the features of both software below to determine which one best suits your needs.

Price (users)$7.8-$11 per user/month paid monthly$39-$99 per user/month paid annually
Live ChatFeature includedFeature not included
MacrosFeature includedFeature included
Task managementFeature includedOnly in $79+/month plans
Round Robin assignmentFeature includedOnly in $59+/month plans
SLA managementFeature includedFeature included
SLA breach notificationFeature includedOnly in $59+/month plans
Kanban viewFeature includedOnly in $59+/month plans
Knowledge baseFeature includedFeature included
Knowledge base notificationsFeature not includedFeature included
DashboardFeature includedFeature included
Satisfaction surveysFeature not includedOnly in $59+/month plans
SSO capabilitiesFeature includedFeature included
Custom FieldsFeature includedFeature included
IntegrationsFeature includedFeature included
Project ManagementFeature includedFeature not included
Transform tickets to tasksFeature includedFeature not included
Gantt chartsFeature includedFeature not included
Unlimited projectsFeature includedFeature not included
Calendar viewFeature includedFeature not included
PortfoliosFeature includedFeature not included
TimesheetsFeature includedFeature not included
SandboxFeature includedFeature not included
A comparison between HappyFox and OneDesk.