Scoro is a versatile business management software that combines project management with time and team management, sales, etc. There are four plans to select from with varying features. You can expect to pay anywhere between $26 per user/month to upwards of $61 per user/month and above.

OneDesk provides interesting competition. Also a versatile software, OneDesk combines project management and help desk into a single application. Turning tickets into tasks is easy and all done within the OneDesk platform, as well as live chat with your customers, automations, Gantt charts and more. Check out the features below of OneDesk and Scoro and select the one that is right for you.

Price (users)$6.50-$11 per user/month$26-$61+ per user/month
Project managementFeature includedFeature included
TasksFeature includedFeature included
Timesheet viewFeature includedFeature included Additional charge
Time trackerFeature includedFeature included Additional charge
Team availabilityFeature not includedFeature included
Milestones & phasesFeature includedFeature included Additional charge
Project templatesFeature includedFeature included Additional charge
InvoicesFeature includedFeature included
Scheduled invoicesFeature included Via integrationsFeature included Additional charge
Customizable dashboardsFeature includedFeature included
ReportingFeature includedFeature included
BillsFeature included Via integrationsFeature included
Google Drive integrationFeature includedFeature included Additional charge
Zapier integrationsFeature includedFeature included Additional charge
Personal & shared calendarFeature includedFeature included
TasksFeature includedFeature included
Unassigned tasksFeature includedFeature included
Custom viewsFeature includedFeature included
Custom fieldsFeature includedFeature included
Live chatFeature includedFeature not included
Live team chatFeature includedFeature not included
Email ticketingFeature includedFeature not included
Turn tickets into tasksFeature includedFeature not included
Knowledge baseFeature includedFeature not included
SLA managementFeature includedFeature not included
Gantt chartsFeature includedFeature not included
SandboxFeature includedFeature not included
A comparison between Scoro and OneDesk