There is no denying that Zendesk is a powerful and capable piece of helpdesk software, but boy will you pay for it!

When choosing between OneDesk and Zendesk, a useful way to compare them is to see how much you would pay for the features you require.

With OneDesk you pay a flat fee for ALL our features. Our pricing is published and clear: $9 per user, per month paid annually.

With Zendesk you must first choose the plan that includes the features you need. You then pay the “per-agent” price for that plan. If only one team member needs a particular feature, you will pay that price level for all your agents. In addition, many special features incur supplementary charges over and above this level.

Price$9 per agent per month paid annually$19 - $215 per agent per month paid annually
Email Ticket Captureincludedincluded
Web Widgetincludedincluded
Self-service customer portalincludedonly in $79/agent plan
Mobile App for agentsincludedincluded
Workflow Automation / Macrosincludedincluded
Knowledge baseincludedincluded
Attachmentsincluded50MB max
Multiple ticket formsincludedonly in $99/agent plan
Custom Viewsincludedincluded
Multiple Ticket Formsincludedonly in $99/agent plan
Custom Fieldsincludedonly in $59/agent plan
SLA Managementincludedonly in $59/agent plan
Configurable Ticket formsincludedonly in $59/agent plan
Internal discussion/collaborationIncludedonly in $59/agent plan
Group contacts by Organizationincludedonly in $59/agent plan
Custom fields for contacts and organizationsincluded - on contacts onlyincluded
Single-Sign-On for users and customersincludedincluded
Support - Email and Chatincludedincluded
Conditional ticket fieldsincludedonly in $99/agent plan
Skills-based routingnot availableonly in $125/agent plan
Surveysnot availableonly in $99/agent plan
Sandbox Environmentjust ask - no chargepartial copy only in $125/agent plan
Scheduled Report Deliveryincludedonly in $125/agent plan
Custom Reportsincludedadditional $9/agent
Real-time Chatincludedonly in $49/agent plan
Pre-Built Live Dashboardincludedonly in $199/agent plan
Multiple Customer Portalsincludedonly one portal starting at $99/agent plan
Timesheets and Timersincludedneed to install additional app
Automated Botincludedonly in $59/agent plan
Built-in Project Managementincludednot available
Email Audit for incoming and outgoingincluded - last 72 hoursonly in $125/agent plan
Configurable Ticket Statusesincludednot available
Convert tickets to tasksincludednot available
PM Features: Gantt, scheduling, sub-tasks, hierarchy, etc.includednot available

A Simple Example:
If you require 1) self-service customer portal and 2) live chat for your customers…

  • With Zendesk 20 agents would cost you $1580 per month
  • With OneDesk 20 agents would cost you $180 per month