Zoho develops many different kinds of B2B software, one of which is ‘Zoho Projects’ for project management. Across their suite of products they have a very large number of features, and their price per application is quite reasonable.

The difficulty with Zoho is figuring out which features are in which applications, and in which plan-level within that application. Then you need to connect it all together.

With OneDesk you pay a flat fee for ALL our features, we do not make you purchase and connect multiple applications, modules, or plans. Our pricing is published and clear and ranges from $4-6 per user per month.

 OneDeskZoho Projects
Price - users$6.50-$11 /user/month$3-$6 /user/month
Price - client usersincluded - unlimited$2 /client-user/month
Unlimited projectsincludedincluded at 'Express' or higher
Project templatesclone your own5-30
task timerYesYes
Workflow automationYesPremium or higher
Depth of hierarchyUnlimited2-levels only
Task DependencyYes - 4 typesBelow 'Premium' - 1 type only; 'Premium' or above - 4 types
AttachmentsYesLimited storage - based on plan
Custom viewsYesExpress or higher
Recurring tasksYesYes
Interactive ganttYesOnly editable at 'Express' or higher. Only across projects at 'Enterprise'
RollupsYesPremium or higher
Custom fieldsYesEnterprise plan only
Status statesYes - 3 availableyes - 2 available
Transform tickets to tasks (and vice versa)Yes - 1 clickNo
SLAYesfor issues only - 'Enterprise' plan only
BaselineNoEnterprise plan only
Global resource utilization chartNoOnly 'Premium' within projects, 'Enterprise' - across projects
Configure Task DetailsYesYes
Planned WorkYesPremium or higher
Actual Work comparisonYesPremium or higher
Export projectsYes'Express' or higher
Web FormYesYes
Full helpdeskIncludedRequires Zoho Desk $18-$45 /agent/month
Team ChatYesYes. May require 'Cliq' depending on needs
Live Customer ChatIncluded$19-$129 per month
Custom reportsIncludedRequries Zoho Analytics $25-$495 /month
Kanban Cards ViewYesYes
Issue TrackingYesYes
Mobile appYesYes
Transform chat into taskYesNo
Transform chat into ticketYesRequires Zoho Desk $18-$45 /agent/month
Calendar & ForumsYesYes
Merge TasksYesNo
Merge ticketsYesRequires Zoho Desk $18-$45 /agent/month