OneDesk’s project monitoring software is designed the change the way you keep track of your projects, tasks, issues, and even help desk tickets and feedback.

All of OneDesk’s applications are connected and encompassed with a layer of social collaboration features that make project monitoring easy.

All team members, regardless of their role and location can use OneDesk’s project monitoring software to stay on the same page throughout all the stages of their projects.

OneDesk’s project monitoring software allows you to:

  • Get real-time updates and notifications on any item
  • View an activity stream that keeps you updated on what every team member is doing within the system
  • Obtain transparency between tasks, issues and other items – create dependencies and know when each item was created and why
  • Elaborate on items using the discussion forums
  • Track the history of all activities
  • Get your team to submit worklogs that allow you to keep track of where they are at with projects
  • Chat with team members in real-time
  • Blog about your projects and immediately push out important news to all team members
  • Automate workflows and reduce the numbers of follow-ups
  • Track each item’s completion rate with the help of progress bars, roadmaps and Gantt charts that automatically update


Project monitoring software helps turn team projects into a collaborative process. By being able to easily interact with each other and get real-time updates as to how projects are progressing, project teams will can seamlessly monitor all project activities and deliver winning results.


project monitoring software
OneDesk’s activity stream is only one component of the project monitoring software

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