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Online collaboration is becoming essential for businesses to adhere to. It organizes and structures the planning and development processes, helps you get input from all stakeholders quicker, and helps get work done more efficiently. If we dig deeper, we can see that online collaboration does much more.

Online collaboration turns leadership into innovation

To collaborate online, most businesses are adopting collaboration tools. In her blog Collaborating for the New Era, Lorie Vela explains that with web 2.0, “most enterprises are already on the road to innovation and collaboration, as it is becoming a must for success and productivity.” The enterprise environment is increasingly becoming competitive, and companies must do all they can to innovate and become leaders in their industry. The key to doing this, is to innovate leadership within the company, so as not to make employees unhappy and lose them. As Vela says, “leadership has turned now more than ever into a innovation when it comes to Enterprise 2.0, so businesses need to train new leaders and review internal communication to make sure that the human resources, the essential of every business, are being well managed.”

Online collaboration takes traditional communication one step further

Online collaboration facilitates communication within companies. To get hired, one often needs to have excellent communication skills. Research has shown that managers spend 75 to 80 percent of their time engaged in some form of written or oral communication. Good communication is crucial in business because ineffective communication is expensive.

As technologies evolve, traditional communication is shifting into collaboration. The one-way communication that email provides is being replaced with two-way collaboration software. To quote collaboration enthusiast Rex Lee, who blogs about his thoughts on innovation and collaboration in the 2.0 World, “I sometimes refer to collaboration as communication 2.0. Just because we can connect two or more people together and share information does not mean we are collaborating. The difference between communication and collaboration is when new concepts emerge through that exchange in knowledge and creativity.”

Online collaboration leads to a better customer experience

By engaging your whole team through the use of a collaboration tool, your company will become a leader in its industry as some of the most common reasons why collaboration fails will be avoided – the development process will be clear, and viewed from all perspectives; information will be captured, shared, and worked upon; unclear issues and unanswered questions can be elaborated on immediately. All this provides for a smoother development process that will surely satisfy customers and give them a better customer experience.

OneDesk: Online collaboration tool that brings results

With OneDesk, employees, business partners and customers are always connected and can collaborate through the use of an interactive feedback application and social collaboration tools. OneDesk is designed to make it easy for businesses to collect feedback from everyone, collaborate and engage with those who submit feedback, and take action on the feedback. Try OneDesk for free today and provide a better customer experience.


  1. Lorie Vela

    Hi Kim, a pleasure being here.

    I think it is really time now to dig, as you very well point out, deeper into collaboration strategies; the social media and the web 2.0 are not only a revolution for human interaction and communication, but a new way to see our world, and of course, its business implications make us reflects about enterprise models. As Social Media are now to human, Collaboration is to enterprise and Business.

    Thanks again for your mention and quote

    Lorie Vela

    • Kim

      Hi Lorie,
      Thanks for dropping by. The social web definitely plays its part in revolutionizing business communication and more companies are transforming in to a “social business.” However, transformation is never easy. Do you have any advice for companies who wish to make a smooth transition into Collaboration 2.0?

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