Are you listening?

Listening to online conversations can help your company learn about what is being said about your brands, company, products, services, industry, and competitors.

OneDesk’s social media monitoring tool was developed to help you listen to online conversations and discover what customers love or don’t love about any aspect of your company.

We thought it would be fun to use OneDesk’s social media monitoring tool to check out some online conversations about various topics. Here’s a sample of what we found:

Online conversations about customer service in general

online conversations

Hopefully Sears has jumped onto the social media monitoring bandwagon. And we would love to try that BBQ place.

Online conversations about the Facebook timeline

online conversations

Sometimes, we wonder if Facebook listens to online conversations about their brands. If you’d like, you can read our rants about product design and development at Facebook and let us know if you agree.

Online conversations Product Innovation Management Conference 2011 attendees are having

online conversations

OneDesk was honored to sponsor the 35th Product Innovation Management Annual Global Conference, organized by the PDMA. We are glad to hear that attendees found this conference insightful.

Online conversations about the Blackberry

online conversations

Is Blackberry listening to this iPhone customer? Interesting!

Online conversations about the Motorola Zoom

online conversations

As you can see from the screenshot above, OneDesk’s social media monitoring tool also allows you to become part of the online conversations customers are having about your brands. You can reply to social media comments directly from OneDesk. Customers will receive your reply through the same social media channel they posted the comment on.

We want to know: Do you listen to online conversations about your brands?

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