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Effective online customer feedback management

The reality is that the web is driven by user generated content and customers ultimately control the conversations surrounding your company’s products and services. Every touch-point or interaction your customers have with your company, (through various social media channels or other online customer feedback channels) creates an opportunity for your company to engage them and actively leverage valuable feedback that can be used to better your products and services and fully understand their needs.

The Do’s

1. Have a plan of action

Develop an online customer feedback management plan and test it regularly. Work together with key players in the company to develop and implement standard protocols and procedures to effectively capture, understand and address customer feedback. Identifying who will be responsible for being on the front lines of defense will ensure individuals take ownership and all situations are addressed and managed efficiently. Finally this will eliminate any unclear communication between departments as to who “ultimately” owns the control to take action on online customer feedback.

2. Be proactive

Companies need to start listening and paying attention to online customer feedback. A key element of building customer loyalty and satisfaction is being able to proactively reach out to customers on a regular basis.  Companies to be continuously proactive, and always be ready to take action on online customer feedback. The best way to stay ahead of the game is by being proactive rather than reactive. There are many free tools to assist you in capturing online customer feedback but only a few that can help you tie this feedback to to your product development process.

3. Educate and train your staff to manage online customer feedback

We live in a new social world where we need to be well trained to quickly and effectively interact with customers. It is very important that your employees fully understand this concept. Putting in place concrete online customer feedback  policies and procedures will help your team remain confident and focused.

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