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Integration of online feedback into the product/service development process

Given the substantial benefits to online feedback, why are organizations slow to embrace this way of working? Perhaps they don’t have the expertise or the tools to seek online feedback and then properly integrate it into the product or service development process.

Harness the power of online feedback

OneDesk ensures the customer is not left out of the design process and that product development disasters can be avoided. The most obvious and direct way to collect online feedback is to provide a channel for your customers to discuss product requirements, share ideas and make suggestions for improvements.

With the customer portal you can create a customer community on your website that can focus and increase communications with your customer base. The customer portal then allows you to:
• Discover specific their needs and identify trends
• Collect and explore their product or service suggestions
• Elaborate upon their ideas
• Generate new ideas or innovations through brainstorming
• Gain valuable insights that will help throughout the stages of development
• Keep them engaged with your product or service

Online feedback: Discover, discuss and collaborate

Some of the best ideas originate from online feedback. With OneDesk, your customers can discuss amongst each other and further explore similar ideas or collaborate on new product or service suggestions. A good discussion helps bring out the pros and cons of an idea, as well as any challenges or negative aspects related to it. Start enjoying the benefits of integrating online feedback into your product development process. Use to ensure your customer is not left out of the design process.

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