The benefits of using online survey tools

online survey toolsIt’s no surprise that companies are increasingly turning to online survey tools in hope of gathering customer feedback. In doing so, they can learn about what their customers think and need, and use this information to improve their product or service. Online survey tools also help companies collect answers to their questions quicker, in one central system, without breaking budgets. They also speed up the problem-solving process, and make the decision-making process easier.

Online survey tools – not just for surveys

Most people do not realize that online survey tools can do more than just collect surveys. There are many different types of online survey tools companies can choose from, depending on their business goals. While all online survey tools obviously allow companies to survey their customer base, some come with extra features that help make the feedback collection process more interactive or flexible. Online survey tools that emphasize customer satisfaction, audience participation, and employee satisfaction are quickly gaining popularity.

Using OneDesk as an online survey tool

OneDesk takes the concept of the traditional online survey tool one step further by offering the following:

Easy feedback collection and classification.
Customers can submit feedback through the customer portal, which companies can also embed into their website. All feedback is gathered into the user’s account, and can be classified and distributed to be worked on.

Easy feedback tracking and management
Feedback tracking is easy as OneDesk allows you to keep track of where the feedback came from and on its progress.

Social collaboration
With OneDesk, once feedback is collected, it doesn’t stop there. Companies can communicate with the customers who left feedback and get more detail from them.

Employee satisfaction
Employee feedback is just as important as customer feedback. Collect employee feedback by inviting them to join a project. From there, they can view and join conversations regarding product feedback from customers, and submit their own. You can even create a project just for your employees and collect work-related feedback.

Customer engagement
Engage your customers and show you care about their feedback by making them part of the development process. Keep them updated on their feedback’s status and reduce the volume of phone calls and emails.

OneDesk aims to make your job easier by allowing you to listen to what customers have to say, engage with them to find what exactly would satisfy them, and finally, to take action and produce market-driven products or services. Build a stronger business by trying OneDesk today.

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