Food giant adopts an open business approach

A few days ago, while browsing videos on our OneDesk YouTube page, I saw an ad for McDonald’s Canada new open business concept: A social media platform, called “Our Food. Your Questions,” that allows customers to submit questions related to this fast food giant’s products and services.

An open business recognizes the value of customer feedback. McDonald’s Canada clearly gets it, too. They understand that today, customers have a very strong and abundant online presence. We are increasingly seeing individuals coming together to form online communities for the purpose of interacting with different organizations product and services. Whether they are interacting through a company Facebook page, sending a request for online tech support through Twitter, or participating in an online discussion forum, customers are actively building and engaging in online conversations.

OneDesk helps you become an open business

Adopting this open business approach, is nothing new to us here at OneDesk. In fact we encourage organizations to not only fully collaborate with partners and employees but to also involve their customers in the product co-creation process as well. Part of that involvement is knowing what customers think about your products and services. OneDesk’s customer portal enhances customer engagement and helps to build stronger online communities:

      • Facilitates the sharing of feedback: Create an open business environment where customers can directly submit their feedback and share suggestions and ideas related to your products and services.
      • Allows your customers to vote and answer polls: Get them involved in the decision-making process by letting them have their voices heard.
      • Promotes community collaboration: Make it easy for customers to discuss their insights and enthusiasm for your products with other customers within the community.
      • Keeps your customers in the loop: Fully involve your customers during every stage of product development. Keep them updated on the progress of their requests and let them know what impact their feedback is having on current or future product releases.


I’m loving it! 🙂

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