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Why setting organizational goals is important

organizational goalsYou and your team have probably had many discussions about needing to set organizational goals. But does everyone understand why this is important? Before setting organizational goals, we believe that the entire team needs to understand the following:

  • Organizational goals define success. In order to succeed, you need to think and plan it out.
  • Organizational goals bring challenges. For an organization to be successful, they must push boundaries and exceed expectations.
  • Organizational goals create a common process. By having goals, the entire team is on the same page. Then members can work together on them. Tasks and relationships become further defined goals.

The challenge of setting organizational goals

Setting organizational goals is more challenging than most people think. It takes more than just brainstorming and creating a list of things you wish to accomplish. Here are some goal-setting tips from StrategySquared.com:

Set goals for the company
Set goals for the overall business and not get caught up thinking about specific people or functions. The goals need to benefit the whole company, not just one department.

Make sure your organizational goals are realistic
Goal setting is not magic; they need to be realistic and based on past experience.

Specify them
They should also have a specific target. For example, don’t just say that you will improve levels of customer satisfaction; instead you should look to be specific and say that you will increase customer satisfaction from 84% up to 94% at least, over the next year or so.

How will you achieve it?
You also need to think about how you will achieve the goal and indicate so as part of the goal-setting process. This prevents any unrealistic goals from being set.

Discuss issues and objectives with organization members
The workforce can start to influence the goals and also be involved in planning how the goals can be met. This makes the staff feel like they ‘own’ the goals, thus, the more likely they will be to work hard and ensure that they are achieved rather than merely being dictated “from high” and being unrelated to day-to-day activities.

So you’ve set goals…now what?
Setting organizational goals is not an easy process, and can take some time. Once you have defined your goals, you must ensure that they are met, which can be another confusing process.

OneDesk makes it easy to link your requirements to organizational goals. By doing so, you will be able to see which goals would be met based on the requirements you implement. Learn more by reading the related blog posts and tutorials below.

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