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Organizational innovation defined

I understand organizational innovation as the ability to identify and implement new, improved or creative methods of operation within the workplace. Relating to productsorganizational innovation and services, the goal of organizational innovation is introduce new or improved products and services that meet existing and emerging needs of the marketplace. Organizational innovation is essential to business growth and to gaining a competitive edge. In today’s world, ruled by fast paced business and evolving technology, many companies are attempting to become innovative, but few are truly successful. Although several reasons can explain a lack of organizational innovation, the most important factors are the lack of appropriate technologies and the requisite education.

Organizational Innovation starts from the ‘inside’…

Organizational innovation has many advantages including the ability to create value with all stakeholders, especially customers. Many businesses have now made innovation a core business strategy. They manage innovation from concept to actualization and recognize that ideas need to be captured and incorporated into the product development process. Collaboration is the key to successful organizational innovation. Strong cross-functional and multi-tasked teams focus on making customers an integral part of the product innovation process.

Organizational innovation requires education

Organizations need to create a culture of innovation. This starts with education on the innovation process and the development of skills required to build high performance teams that will successfully manage it. Here are, in my opinion, 5 blogs that help us understand and discover the value of innovation as it relates to the product development process:

1. Blogging Innovation (@innovate)

2. Innovation Tools (@chuckfrey)

3. PDMA: The Source (@pdmaintl)

4. Big Think (@bigthink)


Organizational innovation requires the right technology: OneDesk

There exist many new technologies and tools created to promote innovative product development. However, OneDesk is the only solution that helps facilitate organizational innovation by connecting all stakeholders to the product development process, as well as, by managing and incorporating customer insight from beginning to end.

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