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OneDesk featured on Clarity on PLM

clarity on plmJim Brown is the president of Tech-Clarity. Jim is a seasoned expert and analyst in software solutions for manufacturers with a strong focus on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and other enterprise applications. I met with Jim a few weeks back to provide him with a quick update of some of OneDesk’s latest features.

Here is what Jim had to say about OneDesk:

One of the reasons I find OneDesk unique is that it focuses on the front end more than a PLM system, but also provides more execution capabilities than most “idea management” software. In this way, it defies some of the traditional systems boundaries…it is also different from other innovation-focused systems because it goes further into the execution of the ideas, including, project management and project issue tracking. While this is not entirely unique, it is interesting to see such an integrated solution across the lifecycle of a product (or service).

You can check out his recent review of OneDesk on his blog, Clarity on PLM.

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  1. Jennifer Coleman

    Thank you. I just signed up for the free trial offer to see if One Desk can help me organize my Solar Broker business into more streamlines and efficient processes. From here I believe my team and I can begin to tackle some of the many tasks that were weighing us down in confusion and disarray.

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