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Using OneDesk to easily reveal most popular ideas amongst customers

It’s always interesting to find out what kinds of ideas customers have about your products, or which ones of your ideas customers like the most.

Depending on how many customers you have what techniques you are using to gather ideas, it can be challenging to keep track of the most popular ideas. We at OneDesk recognize this, and have developed the applications you need to stay on top of the most popular ideas amongst your customers.

Revealing popular ideas – Step 1: Ask customers and team members for ideas

Configure your customer portal and ask customers to submit ideas

popular ideas

You can also ask internal team members to submit ideas into OneDesk.

Revealing popular ideas – Step 2: Publish the ideas for voting

popular ideas

Once an idea or feedback is published for voting, they will appear on your customer portal. Customers can then vote the ideas up or down.

Revealing popular ideas – Step 3: Link ideas and feedback to requirements

Once team members and customers submit ideas, take them a step further by linking them to requirements, or creating requirements from them. This is a good way of narrowing your ideas list down as you can link several ideas or feedback to one requirement.

Revealing popular ideas – Step 4: Use the popularity analysis tool

Now, this is where the “easily reveal” part of the subtitle comes in.

OneDesk’s requirements management application features a popularity analysis tool. This allows you to determine which requirements are the most popular, or the most controversial among your customers.

When your customers vote on feedback through the customer portal, the results automatically appear here. Note that results will only appear if the ideas and feedback customers vote on are linked to requirements.

Where is the popularity analysis tool?

popular ideas

  • Go to the requirements tab (1).
  • Go to the sharespace the ideas are in (2).
  • Select analysis (3).
  • Select the popularity analysis tab to the left of the grid (4).


The Popularity analysis page allows you to determine:

  • The net votes, which is the number of positive votes minus the number of negative votes.
  • The number of positive votes each requirement has gotten.
  • The number of negative votes each requirement has gotten.
  • The total number of votes each requirement has gotten.


The Popularity analysis chart allows you to quickly get a visual image of which votes are the most popular, unpopular, and controversial among your customers.

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