The ability to set and customize your project status in OneDesk facilitates project and product management, as it keeps the whole team updated on the project or item during each stage.

OneDesk also automatically triggers different project statuses and workflows based on which project status is set; this helps bridge the gap between executives, QA, engineering, sales, marketing, product, customers and external business partners.

How OneDesk’s preset project status and workflows work

When customers or employees submit feedback to an organization’s OneDesk account, OneDesk automatically triggers a specific workflow based on what type of feedback it is.

  • If a feedback is tagged as a problem, OneDesk automatically triggers a helpdesk workflow.
  • If a feedback is tagged as an idea, OneDesk automatically triggers an idea workflow.
  • All other feedback will trigger a feedback workflow.

All workflows can be as simple or complex you need them to be. The preconfigured workflows can be customized or removed to fit your company’s needs.

How automations are triggered based on project status

To give you a better idea of how OneDesk triggers different automations based on an item’s project status, let’s take a look at how OneDesk’s idea workflow works.

project status

  • When an idea is created, it’s project status will be set to new.
  • The idea can then be assigned to a user and marked as under review. If the idea is not in product vision, the user will change the project status to Not Planed and communicate with the requester.
  • Once the user has reviewed the idea, they can change the project status to Accepted. At this point, they can choose to create a requirement from that idea and trigger and requirements workflow.
  • They can also choose to create a task directly from that idea, or create a task from the related requirement. Once a task is created, they can change the project status to Scheduled.
  • As soon as a user starts working on a task, they can change the project status to In Progress. When all related tasks have been closed, the idea’s project status will be changed to Implemented, and all stakeholders will be notified.

Get an idea of how all of OneDesk’s workflows and work – view the following short videos

OneDesk’s Workflows
OneDesk’s Idea Workflow
OneDesk’s Helpdesk Workflow
OneDesk’s Requirements Workflow
OneDesk’s Task Workflow

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