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Prioritizing projects and company goal alignment

prioritizing projectsYour project management team is a critical piece of the product development puzzle. Therefore, organizations needs to have strategic processes in place for prioritizing projects. Successful project management depends on the project team’s ability to identify, analyze and manage several issues and tasks with their own unique priorities and timelines. It is because of these competing priorities and deadlines, that it can be easy to get bogged down in project details, planning and execution. Regardless, projects are strategic and they exist to meet a need or achieve a particular goal. It is therefore critical that every project directly support and align with your organization’s strategies.

In his article “Prioritize projects to align with strategic plan”, George Sifri highlights some of the benefits associated with effectively prioritizing projects and aligning them with business goals:

  • Effective planning based on available organizational resources
  • More efficient utilization of organizational resources
  • Projects that accurately reflect opportunities and threats based on available resources
  • Keeping customers, business partners and employees focused on the most important projects
  • A general consensus as to which projects are highest priority

Project prioritization and selection: A few helpful tips

  • Learn from previous projects
  • Outline and document your company goals
  • Identify gaps that slow down project progress or completion
  • Analyze and review goals and timelines


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