Keeping steady PM practices during process changes

process changesIn today’s extremely competitive economic environment process changes within an organization cannot be avoided. Many organizations experience a high rate of process changes which leads project managers to wonder how they can keep ensuring good project management practices amidst all the chaos?

We at OneDesk understand the need for business to stay on top of process changes and work smoothly through them. Here some tips that will help ensure good project management practices during process changes.

Anticipate changes

All kinds of changes within the business lead to a whole process change, whether they are big organizational changes, changes in management, or changes in business requirements. If you can anticipate the changes and take action before they happen, your project management process and practices will go more smoothly. Anticipate changes by helping your team to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Keep a close watch on the marketplace and know what those in your industry are up to – companies will always try something new in hopes of outperforming competitors.

Preserve existing processes

Get involved in the process change project, and work to preserve any existing processes that can still be used. Ensure that it is written in a place where the whole team can easily access the information and be aware of which processes are still in use and which ones aren’t.

Carefully integrate/modify project management into new process changes

The the process changes become clearer, identify areas where project management would need to be integrated or simply modified. Include project management practices in all documentation and communications. If there are risks associated with certain process changes, work with those responsible for implementing them and bring up the issues they might cause.

We want to know: How do you deal with process changes?

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