Managing product backlogs can be a challenge

Product backlogs. Every product manager is faced with them at some point in the product development process. As we know, product management is more than just creating and managing product backlogs. Often a multi-functional member of a product team, it can be quite challenging for them to manage everything from feedback to requirements simultaneously.

First, they need to capture feedback from several different channels (a challenge in itself), then manage and organize it into a universal format for everyone to understand then turn that feedback into meaningful requirements. It’s like the saying goes, only with great feedback can you create great requirements.

The question is: What happens when product backlogs become unmanageable?

Turning product backlogs into actionable requirements

Unfortunately, most product backlog contain loads of inactionable feedback, making it difficult to move your process forward. What is therefore required is a method to be able to turn feedback stuck on the product backlog into actionable product requirements.

OneDesk enables you to seamlessly push product information across the stages of your product development process. Capture, manage and analyze feedback from various channels. From there, you can create product requirements from feedback.

Voila. No more stagnant product backlogs.

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