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A product camp, as the official website describes it, is a “free, user-driven, collaborative ‘unconference’ for Product Managers and Marketers.”

We at OneDesk love the idea of an “unconference.” It gives the opportunity for innovators, i.e. everyday people who have great ideas, to meet and share these ideas with each other. The idea of an unconference is that professionals can get together informally and and exchange ideas and tips about all things that are related to product management.

Product camps are entirely volunteer-run, and most people see this as an advantage. First of all, they are free. It also makes the environment friendlier, as all presenters, organizers, and participants are on the same level.

Everyone who has attended a product camp will tell you that it’s a great experience where the freedom of learning and sharing is ever-present. If you’re looking for unique networking experience, there are still some product camps happening this year.

Product Camps You Can Still Catch in 2013

Product Camp Moscow – October 26, 2013 (Warning: This site is in Russian!)

Product Camp Seattle – October 26, 2013 (Warning: Only 17 tickets left!)

Product Camp Ottawa – November 2, 2013

Product Camp Dallas/Fort Worth – November 9, 2013

Product Camp Montreal – November 9, 2013

Product Camp Amsterdam – November 24, 2013

If you have attended a product camp before, we would love to hear about your experiences! We would also love to hear your reports on the above-mentioned product camps.

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