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Emerging trends in product development: co-creation and crowdsourcing

Julie Wittes Schlack, SVP of innovation and design at Communispace, recently wrote a great article that explores the ways that organizations are involving their customers in the product creation process. In her article, The Rise of Customer-Driven Innovation, Julie discusses the notion of crowdsourcing and co-creation, two product creation concepts that are growing in popularity among businesses, big or small, and across all industries and verticals.


Collaborative product creation with OneDesk

It is evident that are several things to consider when integrating a co-creation strategy into your product and service innovation process. A structural, focused and goal-oriented approach is needed to ensure that both you and your customers get the most from this collaborative product creation experience.

At OneDesk, we believe that given the right tools every organization can manage innovation with customers, and other stakeholders, like business partners and employees, both inside and outside the company. Explore our integrated suite of social product development applications.


We want to know: Has your organization integrated co-creation into the product creation strategy? What advice do you offer based on your experiences?

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