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News for product managers: The project engineering team is your friend

Product managers often refer to their colleagues on the engineering team as if they are talking about a totally different world. However, in order to develop stellar products and achieve success, organizations are starting to realize that product management and product engineering must work together and encompass a bottom-up approach to the development process.

The most successful product engineering process is one where the team can efficiently communicate and collaborate with the product management team to ensure that all technical requirements, tasks and priorities are met. Customers should also be able to become part of process, and give ideas and specifications about the product’s design.

OneDesk helps your product team co-create

Since product engineering specifications are often very technical, it’s important that everyone understands them. Product managers, on the other hand, may have additional specifications that will allow them to satisfy the market’s needs; therefore, they must properly communicate this to product engineers.

OneDesk helps the product engineering team deal with the challenges of allowing others to co-create with them. It keeps everyone on the same page in terms of technical requirements, market needs, customer wants, costs and roadmaps.

Watch this video to learn more about how someone on the product engineering team would use OneDesk.

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