Devising a product experience strategy

By establishing a robust product experience data strategy, you can be sure your product will reflect the needs of real users, which, in return, is rewarded byproduct experience increased sales, customer loyalty and expanded profit margins and markets.” – Tara Duggan, Demand Media

Let’s face it. We do not always know why we purchase a product or service. We may think we do, but we don’t. In reality, our perception of a product is a combination of several factors that together, create our overall product experience. It is important for organizations to recognize the importance of the product experience and and the key role it plays in the interaction that customers have with your products and services.

Here are some of the key factors that should be included as part of a good product experience strategy:

  • A method to capture, manage and respond to customer feedback on a continual basis, throughout the product and service development process.
  • A method to capture and manage customer support inquiries and issues.
  • Constant contact and collaboration with all stakeholders in the organization, especially your customer community.
  • Real-time analysis of the current market’s needs (customer satisfaction, popularity scores, strategic alignment analysis, etc.) to ensure that product requirements are in-line with customer demand.
  • The ability to identify product development related issues and risks early on in the process.


Enhance the product experience with OneDesk

OneDesk features an integrated suite of social business applications that support the product and service development process from beginning to end.

  • Social Media Monitoring and Ideas Management: Take the guesswork out of product and service innovation – gain a better understanding of your customer’s product experience by engaging with them on the social web.
  • Case Management: Do more than just listen to their product experience stories. Show your customers you care by taking action. Capture, clarify and manage all their support issues and inquiries all in one place. Take this insight one step further by incorporating it into the development process.
  • Social Collaboration: Get and stay connected. Creating the ultimate product experience for your customers requires you and your team to collaborate. OneDesk’s social collaboration tools and work towards the same goal.
  • Requirements Management and Analysis: OneDesk’s requirements management capabilities helps ensure you are building out the right requirements based on feedback. In order to effectively execute your product experience strategy, objective data and market analysis is required. Therefore OneDesk also features powerful requirements analysis tools that help to gather pertinent information tied to customer satisfaction, ROI, profitability, and corporate strategy.

…and much more.

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